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When designing waterproofing solutions there are some basic rules we suggest you follow.
First of all, the design must be made with the interest of the building in mind - nothing else. The minute the designer has got any interest in what product or method you choose, that's where you risk paying too much, and/or not getting the best solution. 
Next, you should always begin with rule no. 1: which has got nothing to do with products at all.
Another thing, vital to your result, is to design the waterproofing/protection (two different things by the way) distinguishing between the general solution and CCP solutions.
The list could go on, always depending on the nature of your job, 1:1.
We insist on using the "WaterProofing Quality Chain©"
when designing your solution.

The design process

1. Info collect
Just as a doctor would do it, we interview you to figure out where we are, where we are going, and what we'll face during the process - always working in the interest of the building.
2. WPQC framework
We put all your info into the WPQC framework, to make sure that we have a working method/structure, and that we have got everything important covered.
3. Locating CCPs
CCP is short for "Critical Control Points" and distilling these points are of vital importance to the quality of your waterproofing - and very often it can actually make your solution less expensive.
During this process, we are also looking for things you can do to increase the structure's own waterproofing capability.
Waterproofing design should always seek
to bring everything into the comfort zone.
4. Designing the solutions
Depending on what parameters we are dealing with, we are now ready to design the solutions. 
We always begin with the CCP solutions and end with the general waterproofing/protection.
5. Presenting and adjusting
When the solution is ready we go through it together using Zoom and make adjustments if necessary.
6. Packing and delivery
During the process, we will have agreed upon how you intend to use the information in your collaboration with your clients or co-workers - and we pack and deliver the solutions accordingly.

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