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far better, less expensive, and much easier
We assist structural-waterproofing projects worldwide, and we communicate in:
...in fact, there aren't that many types of waterproofing errors
- they are just repeated a lot
John Juhl, Scandiproof.com/founder

WHO work with us

Our services are typically for companies that specify, purchase or manage structural waterproofing.


The quality of the waterproofing project always begins on the drawing board.
The specifier is the one who can affect the owner's "pains or gains" the most.


Managing a construction project is complicated, and very often waterproofing becomes a danger to the time schedule.


The owner of the structure will, at the end of the day, be the one paying for the waterproofing project, and thus he/she has got an interest in a balanced solution.
" Don't REPEAT the mistakes of others
BENEFIT from them "
ScandiProof.com is a "distributor of waterproofing knowledge and experiences" - meaning: when we gain experience from a project in Stockholm, Sweden - it can benefit another project in Toronto, Canada.
30+ Years of Experience
Working with all aspects of waterproofing has taught us the meaning of the term "Having your Skin in the game". Our experience becomes a part of your solution.
Better solutions
Our 100% focus on the needs and requirements of the structure makes us place full attention on what we call, CCP's - which leads to higher quality.
Save money
We always start our designs and services with a blank slate. That is the best way to get rid of expensive "Overkill" and to avoid "Underkill"
Save time
We work to prevent unnecessary: work, use of products, unskilled slow application, repairs, meetings, and quality bounces.

WHY work with us

It's actually less expensive to be a bit more serious about the waterproofing in order to get it correct on the first attempt.

Our focus is on:
  • The Structure and the Conditions
  • The Process
  • The Qualifications

(Products are only a part of the waterproofing solution - a variable, as a matter of fact)

1. The first talk

1. The first talk

During the initial discovery talk(s) we focus on identifying your challenges, and your goals, and of course your project's current status.


2. The service Pack

2. The service Pack

When it's clear to us what your situation is (we check our perception with you) - we are ready to put together a service Pack which we present to you

Then we await your approval.


3. The Production

3. The Production

When we are certain that we are on the same page we begin the production of the content.

In most cases we'll need to adjust with you as we go along


4. The Follow Through

4. The Follow-through

When we first started delivering our services - we handed them over to the client, when ready.

But soon we figured out that a "follow-through plan" was of vital importance

HOW to work with us

How our service packs are put together will always depend on the nature of your project/building, 1:1

Our method is pretty simple:

We basically have only 3 questions in mind:

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to go?
  • What will it take to get there?

- and the answers must always primarily serve the interests of the building!


First: we are always the spokesman of the building's interests.

Your project alone determines the scope and content of our service packs - and if your challenges are out of our comfort zone, we tell you, because we know what lack of skills can do to a waterproofing project.

New basements


Plaza decks


Pools and ponds


Roof refurbishment


Moist problems



- and many other structural protection challenges.

The point

Around the world, people are having pretty much the same waterproofing problems - simply because they approach the matter the same way.

We are here to change that - and we have developed a unique tool to help us achieve this rather ambitious goal.

- and we insist on using this tool when working with your waterproofing challenges.

Let's talk Structural Waterproofing



Detail design

Leak analysis



Trouble Shooting


We communicate in:

- because your waterproofing
is about so much more
than just waterproofing products
ScandiProof ApS